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The Future of Endoscopic

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The Future of Endoscopic

In the near future there will likely be a multifunctional endoscope with a combination of imaging technologies available. Standard white light will be used for screening and surveillance, and then the scope might be switched to autofluorescence mode for guidance to a neoplastic lesion. With the same scope, confocal microscopy might then be used to perform an optical biopsy, and optical coherence could be used to grade the depth of the lesion. If necessary, the same scope might have several working channels for interventions.

New endoscopic technology conjures the imagination as the application of endoscopes expands from intralumenal to translumenal therapy. Shape locking devices or guided endoscopes could be used for stabilization of the translumenal operative field. High resolution and magnifying scopes could enhance the optics of an operative field, and other advanced imaging technology could be applied to solid organs for detecting neoplastic lesions. Scopes specifically designed for translumenal endoscopic surgery are likely to be developed. Thus, as the technology expands, so too will the applications of advanced endoscopic therapy.